What is voting chain
The ways of voting in current society include: voting by a show of hands, paper ballot, electronic voting, network voting, etc., which have problems of not open, transparent to the public, ballot fraud or changing or randomly changing voting results.
Taking the current disadvantages of voting technology into account, we will build up an open application called voting chain for voting and voting BlockChain, based on the technological features of BlockChain. We hope the optimized voting technology can make voting more open and transparent, reduce artificial manipulation and ensure that voters can verify their own voting results.
Technological Features
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Windows
  • For Windows
  • For Android
Download and statement of voting chain application
Voting chain, generated from BlockChain technology, is a de-centered, fair, open and just voting system, aiming to eliminate disadvantages in traditional voting and electronic voting, and prevent voting results from outside human interference, so as to make voting more trustworthy.
About Us
Bledger Foundation Ltd., established in October 2017, aims to promote research and implementation of Blockchain-based voting.